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Reaching New Heights

We are a full-service real estate development firm that was born in 2006. We weathered and grew out of the Great Recession by staying on top of real estate development trends, pushing boundaries to create customized and unique spaces tailored to our clients’ specific needs and desires, and employing industry leaders to adapt and evolve.


Achieving the Impossible

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Land Acquisition


Architectural Design and Engineering


Permitting and Construction

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Real Estate Agent and Property Management


We strive to create magnetic, classy, luxurious, functional, and high-quality masterpieces that

become the focal point and sense of pride of the community they are located in.

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1499 S Jackson St Denver CO - MLS Sized

Full Service Demolition

We are fully licensed and insured to demolish structures in the Denver Metro region. We demand ethical behavior from all of our partners to ensure our projects comply with State regulations and best practices. We only partner with reputable asbestos inspectors and abatement companies to provide a one-stop service to our clients.

Heavy Industry

Our staff has worked for the Regional Transportation District (RTD), Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and private construction companies on a variety of high profile projects, including on the $5.4 B public-private-partnership FasTracks project, Broadway Viaduct Replacement Project, TREX, Fort Carson Operational Command Centers, and in various countries such as Haiti, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, West Bank and Gaza, Israel, Colombia, and so on.

Real Estate Development

LHI LLC is a Class A General Contractor that specializes on selecting, purchasing, designing, building, and selling/managing high end residential and commercial projects throughout the Denver Metro Area, and occasionally in the Mountain regions. By vertically integrating key functions and resources, we are able to be selective about the location, design, materials, function, style, budget, and overall footprint of our work to ensure our clients are obtaining the biggest return on their investment. We pride ourselves on being one the most successful best value developers in the region.

Contact Us

Manish Kumar

(303) 956-3474

Denver, Colorado

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